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AB system devices

AB system devices

The Borealis AB system comprises a set of modular elements that allow to compose Air-to-Air devices which are flexible and perfectly adjusted to their function within the installation.

The system allows the design of machines with airflows and variable power for recirculation by mixing installations or 100% external air systems, being able to incorporate several types of energy recuperators (static, rotary,…)

Experts agree that true efficiency of a termal system consists in the most accurate matching of the machine’s performance to the installation requirements, and each case is different from the others.

AB Borealis equipment offers a higher flexibility degree that allows designers to adjust the machine’s performance to the specific needs of the project by a modular system based on a common platform.

In this way, we speak of AB Equipment as a “system”.

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Ace Heat Pump

ACE – Heat pumps for primary air with static recovery system.

ACE heat pumps are compact units specially designed for the thermal and, optionally, hygrometric conditioning of primary ventilation air.

They are equipped with a double energy recovery system (active plus passive), inverter compressors and EC fans, which makes them especially efficient equipment.