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deshumidificadoras para piscinas, gimnasios o spas

HC – Multifunctional heat pumps

HC – Multifunctional heat pumps for dehumidification, conditioning and heating of indoor swimming pools.

Multifunctional heat pump capable of dehumidifying, air heating and also water heating simultaneously and autonomously, aimed at the conditioning and heating of indoor swimming pools, suitable to be installed outdoors or indoors. Cabinet made of aluminum profiled structure and sandwich panels made of two sheets of galvanized steel, coated on the outside, and high density rock wool core as a thermoacoustic insulation.

Refrigerating unit equipped with scroll compressors in two refrigeration circuits. Coils made of copper tube and aluminum-magnesium alloy fins resistant to corrosion. Compact equipment, or with evaporator/condenser for outside air remotely installable. As standard filter: G4 in return. Optionally, high efficiency filters. Centrifugal fan with adjustable belt drive and high pressure available. Electrical panel with phase change detector, magnetothermal protection and circuit breakers for each motor. Proportional control system freely programmable with graphic display for local or remote installation. Equipped with IP and MODBUS connectivity series. Embedded web server.

deshumectador piscinas cubiertas y hoteles

HH – Horizontal heat pumps

HH – Horizontal heat pumps for dehumidification and air conditioning of médium to large indoor swimming pools.

New generation:

The Borealis HH dehumidifier range is Borealis’ traditional refrigeration technology alternative for medium and large surface covered swimming pools.

This does not mean that it is a regular machine, as it incorporates innovative elements and solutions that improve the performance and reliability of the equipment, reducing installation and maintenance costs. The new generation of HH dehumidifiers has involved a deep redesign of the equipment and major improvements, product of the years of experience in the market

deshumidificadoras para piscinas cubiertas, hoteles y spas

HRR – High efficiency heat pumps

HRR – High efficiency autonomous horizontal heat pumps.

The Borealis HRR range is composed of dehumidifying air conditioners for indoor swimming pools, which use a combination of passive and active dehumidification systems to achieve the highest energy efficiency.

deshumectador para piscinas y hoteles y gimnasiosHS-deshumidificadora

HS/HV Heat Pump

HS/HV – Dehumidifying heat pumps from 4 to 28 kg/h capacity.

The HS and HV ranges of Borealis dehumidifiers are designed with the same standards as our large HH units. In this way, the facilities of small and medium-sized swimming pools and spas can also equip quality machines, with the benefits required by professional projects and installations.