Customized equipment


Refrigerating equipment for refrigeration and conditioning, designed from zero to fit the customer needs.

Sometimes, installation requirements may be difficult to achieve with the standard equipment on the market, due to technical, space or costs reasons. Examples:

  • Compact equipment for displacement floor-supply, of high efficiency and quality, and low cost installation.
  • Compact equipment for indoor cooling temperatures below 20ºC.
  • Reversible heat pumps with ultra low sound level remote condenser
  • Customized machines meant to fit in small spaces or limited by architectural integration.
  • Machines meant to be mounted in situ due to lack of passage space, with manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Equipment destined to industrial processes in which great operational and available security with a low maintenance cost is required.


Borealis can carry out these projects at a reasonable cost which, frequently, may be lower than the solution made with conventional equipment. Simply, get in contact with us.