EBH – Air-water heat pumps for swimming pools heating

Borealis EBH heat pumps are specifically designed for wáter heating of indoor or outdoor swimming pools.

These pumps are optimized to achieve the best performances in this function. Hence, the COPs in standard conditions are around 5 and its SPF much higher that the 2,5 in any Spanish climate zone.


VERSIONEB 55EB 85EB 110EB 145EB 180
Conditions in which performances are provided:A(1B(2C(3A(1B(2C(3A(1B(2C(3A(1B(2C(3A(1B(2C(3
Heating power (kW)56,448,447,885,673,472,1113,096,995,5147,0126,0124,0186,0157,0155,0
Water flow (m³/h)20,84,0332,06,2141,88,2253,910,767,613,3
Exchanger load drop (kPa)1049311493114
Air flow (m³/h)17.80027.00035.60046.00050.000
Compressors, quantity12222
Type of compressoresAirtight scroll
Cooling gasR410AR407C
Fans, nº x diameter (mm)1 x 8002 x 8002 x 8003 x 8003 x 800
Quantity of exchangers Ti12234
Fans consumption (kW)1,21,42,32,73,3
Compressor consumption (kW)10,09,410,313,613,114,420,318,820,725,023,026,032,031,033,0
Machines total consumption (kW)11,210,611,515,014,515,822,621,123,027,725,728,735,334,336,3
C.O.P.,including fans5,14,64,25,75,14,65,04,64,45,34,94,35,34,64,3
Power supply voltage(V/Ph/Hz)400/III/50
VERSIONEB 55EB 85EB 110EB 145EB 180
(1 Condition A: air at 15°C / 12°C (BS/BH), water incoming at 26°C
(2 Condition B: air at 7°C / 6°C (BS/BH),waterintake/output: 26°C / 28°C
(3 Condition C: air at 7°C / 6°C (BS/BH), waterintake/output: 26°C / 36°C
VERSIONEB 55EB 85EB 110EB 145EB 180
Length (mm)1.5001.8001.8001.8001.800
Width (mm)1.7002.2002.2003.1003.400
Height (mm)1.6501.6501.9901.9901.990
Weight (kg)7001.2001.4001.6001.800
Measures and weights may vary for technical reasons without prior notice. Ask Factory at the time of order.