AB system devices

AB system devices

The Borealis AB system comprises a set of modular elements that allow to compose Air-to-Air devices which are flexible and perfectly adjusted to their function within the installation.

The system allows the design of machines with airflows and variable power for recirculation by mixing installations or 100% external air systems, being able to incorporate several types of energy recuperators (static, rotary,…)

Experts agree that true efficiency of a termal system consists in the most accurate matching of the machine’s performance to the installation requirements, and each case is different from the others.

AB Borealis equipment offers a higher flexibility degree that allows designers to adjust the machine’s performance to the specific needs of the project by a modular system based on a common platform.

In this way, we speak of AB Equipment as a “system”.

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Range’s structure characteristics


  • Galvanized Steel sandwich panels; Optionally, stainless Steel.
  • External powder coating.
  • Thermoacoustic insulation of 25 or 50 mm thickness rock wool.
  • High accessibility to components for maintenance Works.


  • High pressure available depending on the installation requirements.
  • Conventional fans with belts and pulleys transmission.
  • Optionally, plug-fans with frequency inverters.
  • Several levels of drive power depending on the selected filter or other air circuit elements (humidifiers, UV disinfection lamps, etc.)


  • One or more fixed speed or inverter-driven scroll compressors
  • Copper refrigerating coils with aluminium fins and anticorrosion protection or copper-copper manufacturing.



  • G4 pre-filters as standard.
  • Optionally, high efficiency filters as F7, F8, absolute and other special filters: Germicidal ultraviolet ray lamps and other accesories.



  • Complete electrical panel with magnetothermal protection and breakers for each motor.
  • Phase change detector.
  • Frequency inverters housed inside if equipped.
  • Internal wiring in tube or hose.



  • Active refrigeration recovery as standard throughout the range.
  • High performance static air-air recuperators with optional anticorrosion treatment.
  • Rotary air-to-air recuperators of sensible, enthalpic, sorption or desiccant type, of fixed or variable speed.
  • Optionally, in any variant, water condenser or refrigeration desuperheater for waste energy water preheating or other uses.



  • All-in-one control system with extensive features (information on LCD screen, timetable, etc.)
  • Optionally, proportional control communicable with IP and MODBUS connectivity. Communication gateways to other BMSs available on demand. Programming with periodically available updates.


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